Our Mission:

Educate everyone to take wise, sustainable actions regarding electricity.

Our Goals:

In one generation, through...

  1. Conservation and Efficiency: reduce the average monthly kwhr consumption of American households by 20%;

  2. Peak Shaving and Storage: reduce the average daily Peak Load of American households by 20%;

  3. Demand Side Management and Renewable Production: eliminate the need to construct additional fossil-fuel based power plants;

  4. Participation: educate every American to understand and embrace a sustainable power system.

Our Strategy:

Here’s how we hope to take on the “unprecedented speed and scale in deploying energy-saving practices” challenge articulated by the Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. 

Our Guiding Principle:

It is imperative that each generation leave the Earth no worse off than when they inherited it themselves. Each generation is obligated to design and implement physical, governmental, economic and social systems that promote sustainable stewardship of all planetary species, cultures, and non-renewable resources in order to leave subsequent generations with broader and more life-supporting opportunities.

We believe:

Everyone can contribute, facilitate, nudge, inform, evangelize, participate, welcome, assist, belong.

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Core Value: Illumination

We are in the visibility business. Negawatts are simple: they are the power saved through reducing waste. Electricity, and much of the waste associated with the production, transmission and consumption of electricity, is invisible. Because Out of Sight Equals Out of Mind, no one takes action if he/she can’t see the problem. Negawatt Media makes Negawatt Opportunities visible.

Negawatt Media and its partners create a transition path to sustainable electricity.

How will you Paint the Future?