Negawatt Media is:

  1. a campaign:

  2. to raise awareness about electrical energy production and consumption in order to promote a change in attitude and behavior;

  3. to educate households regarding how collective demand for electrical energy creates problems that effect everyone;

  4. to reach families so they can learn to conserve, become more efficient, and shift consumption off peak to prevent power disruptions and minimize environmental damage.

  5. a tool for introducing:

  6. millions of consumer households to the emerging, shared realities of production, distribution, and consumption of electricity; 

  7. thousands of schools to a transition path to leaner, greener, smarter student awareness and behavioral change;

  8. individuals and families to a pleasurable activity that invites their participation and increased awareness, modeling practical measures which minimize mechanisms of resistance.

  9. a Mindset:

  10. For centuries, stories have been and still are a friendly, upbeat, easily digestible, realistic, familiar means to convey information and teach. If a parent reads the story to her/his children, he/she will get the message. Stories work at every age—everyone has a kid inside.


Negawatt Media

  1. models emerging and required behavior transitions via technological innovation and social intervention;

  2. offers solution oriented, creative thinking and planning, contrasted to fear and anger-based litigation processes, generating consensus and cooperation;

  3. focuses attention on affordable, hands-on tools which enable behavior change;

  4. designs materials for electronic distribution: web, social media (Facebook, YouTube), interactive learning games, apps.

  5. minimizes misunderstandings between consumers and utility providers.

Negawatt Media

  1. invites necessary conversations;

  2. communicates the consequences of doing nothing;

  3. models achievable behavior change;

  4. promotes a collective vision for sustainable living with finite resources.