Widescreen TV’s and HDTV’s built before 2009 eat several times as many Zervberries as new Energy Star widescreens. Your electric power bill will go down significantly if you upgrade your old widescreen to one that meets the current Energy Star standard. California State recently passed a law requiring widescreens to have greater efficiency in order to be sold in California.

For more information on Energy Star appliances, visit the Energy Star web site.

A Widescreen is a Mama Zerv


A simple way to reduce a widescreen’s Zervberry appetite is to unplug it (yes, unplug, not just turn off) when you are not using it. If you just turn it off, it still eats a small but steady stream of Zervberries (called “standby”), all the time.

Did you know?

Widescreens in America are part of a new electrical energy term: “ICE”. This term stands for “Information, Communication, Entertainment”. ICE is estimated to consume 15% of all household energy. Most ICE devices are “on standby” 24 hours a day.



Zervberry Factory Instant Production Level:

Bauville Zervberry Factory: peak period 1pm-6pm

Time Now: 11:23 am

Bauville Weather:

Today: HOT!


Can you name every ICE device in your house?

How many ICE devices do you have?

Do you know what a “vampire” is?

* How many Zervberry factories are needed to power all the ICE devices in every home in America?

(* Quiz answers are available at “Bobby Jennerik’s Powerful Adventures” Facebook Fan Page; see the Notes)

predicted max Zervberry demand, today at 4:14pm



Widescreen Zervberry Appetite

Eats Many Zervberries

Eats few Zervberries