Computers and video game consoles are used by almost everyone everyday. Many computers are Energy Star rated; most today have energy saving settings. Be sure you have turned those settings on.

For more information on Energy Star appliances, visit the Energy Star web site.

A Computer is a

Baby Zerv


A simple way to reduce your Zervberry bill is to use your Blu-Ray or DVD player to view movies rather than your game console. Your game console eats anywhere from 4 to 24 times as many Zervberries as does your Blu-Ray or DVD player.

Game consoles eat Zervberries even if you turn them off. They aren’t really off, they are “standing by”. In order to remain instantly ready when you decide to use them, they eat a steady stream of Zervberries (called “standby”) all the time.

Did you know?

Computers in America are part of a new electrical energy term: “ICE”. This term stands for “Information, Communication, Entertainment”. ICE is estimated to consume 15% of all household energy. Most ICE devices are “on standby” 24 hours a day; 75% of their Zervberry food is eaten when they are not being used!


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How many people in your household have a computer?

How many video game machines are in your home?

How many computers in your home are being used right now?

Have you turned on the energy saving settings for your computer?

(* Quiz answers are available at “Bobby Jennerik’s Powerful Adventures” Facebook Fan Page; see the Notes)

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