There’s not much you can do to make clocks more efficient. What a clock tells you, tho, is the time—time is becoming the important factor in what Zervberries cost! More and more Zervberry factories are changing the cost of Zervberries depending on the time of day that your Zervs want to eat!

The Energy Star web site has a lot of information on saving energy.

A Clock is a

Baby Zerv


Clocks are useless unless you look at them. Every time you look at a clock, ask yourself: how many are my Zervs eating right now? Are they gorging on Zervberries? Is this the right time for them to be eating? Can I get the Papa Zervs to eat at a time when the Zervberry cost is lower?

Did you know?

Clocks are everywhere, not just on the wall or in the alarm by your bed. They are in a microwave, in the computer, the video game system, the DVR, your cell phone, your portable phone, your radio. All those clocks are eating Zervberries all day and all night.


Zervberry Factory Instant Production Level:

Bauville Zervberry Factory: peak period 1pm-6pm

Time Now: 11:23 am

Bauville Weather:

Today: HOT!


How many clocks are in your house (count all the different kinds of clocks)?

How many of those clocks run on batteries?

Does your Zervberry Factory charge a different price for Zervberries based on the time of day?

(* Quiz answers are available at “Bobby Jennerik’s Powerful Adventures” Facebook Fan Page; see the Notes)

predicted max Zervberry demand, today at 4:14pm

Clock Zervberry Appetite

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