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The Critics

Here is feedback from the critics, who range in age from 8 to 10. They live on a small island in the San Juans, attending a one room schoolroom. The students addressed their letters to “Mr. Jennerik”. The originals have been transcribed for legibility; links to originals are shown.

Dear Mr. Jennerik,

Our class just finished your book "Just Right!" It was a good book, although it has a very abrupt ending. My favorite part is when Bobby takes a tour of the ZervBerry factory because it explains what ZervBerries are, and it's creative. I also like the play-on-words with "CO2" to "Cee otu" and "Walmart®" to "Wantmart®".

from A, 4th  grade (scan of original)

Dear Mr. Jennerik,

Our class just finished your book, Just Right. I liked how everyone had Zervs. Also, how you changed Wallmart into "Wantmart". One of the things I like most about the book is how people described things like they were describing a big fish!

Sincerely, A 2nd grade

Dear Mr. Jennerik,

I liked your book. I thought it was neat. But I do not think the ending was that neat. One thing I liked you talked about is pollution that's one thing that's in the real world and the book. I think other people should read it because I think it could help them.

Sincerely, C 4th grade

Dear Mr. Jennerik,

In your book "Just Right" I thought it was "just right" because it gave you an idea of the actual world and had a good story too. I also think it was creative with the Zervs and Zervberries. I think there was an abrupt ending but that was good because it made you think about what you could to help too. You should consider revising this part: "It looks like it adds up really much faster than anyone thought" it is kind of confusing. You also made it funny by having the big fish expression throughout the book. Overall I think you should publish it because it is a good book.

From, P 4th grade (scan of original)

Dear Mr. Jennerik,

...I also liked "want mart" because it changes real things in the real world. Some other things I liked were that the berries had to be eaten in a few seconds and they all had to be the same size...I think this would be a good book for other kids to read because it's a very nice book and it teaches them to use less power.

Sincerely, L 3rd grade

Dear Mr. Jennerik,

My class read your book called Just Right. It is a very good book although it did have a abrupt ending. The reason why I think it is abrupt is because they didn't fix the pollution problem. I would fix the pollution problem by building a giant vacuum cleaner that is not a Zerv and it would suck up all the "ceeotu" or should I say CO2. I like chapter 3 because it talked the world's problem, pollution. Thank you for making this wonderful book. Especially because it might convince some people to protect nature I sure hope it does.

E, 4th grade

Dear Mr. Jennerik,

Today our class just finished your book. It has quite an abrupt ending. But still I liked it. It made me think, I forgot to turn of my lamp today. oh no! The book taught me to conzerv energy. But at first I thought zervberrys grew on bushes until I heard they were made in a factory! Once again, I like your book.

Sincerely, M 2nd grade

Dear Mr. Jennerik,

Very recently, our teacher finished reading us your book, "Just Right!". I thought that the book reached out as a message to conserve energy and preserve our planet. It had humor and a rich, strong meaning. I very much liked the twist of zervs. I realized that in this book zervs represent machines, zervberries represent electricity, and purple rocks represent coal. I have to say my favorite part was the beginning. It introduces alot of ideas and really grabs the reader. My least favorite part was the ending. I thought it was very abrupt and cut off, leaving the reader very puzzled. I do like the style of your writing and how you presented it. I really liked how you changed names like "Wallmart" to "Wantmart". I thought that was witty. Overall, I thought it was a good book. I would recommend it to children my age (10), and children around that age. I  think this book will inspire anyone who reads it to help the planet in anyway they can. You have inspired me! Thank you for sharing this book with Shaw School. Keep writing! I hope all readers enjoy it.

L, 4th grade (p.s. anything you write, I'll read!) (scan of original)

<she continues, submitting a typed document>

In the small town of Bauville,

B.A.U. is expected.

Then a trouble befalls them.

(They all think it's wretched).

Can they change their ways

In a matter of days?

And so begins a journey,

To be efficient, neat and clean

And of generations far before them,

Extra luxuries were of not of need!

The book that you have written

Draws into a story that yields,

Into a wonderful lesson

And spreads through your entire,

Imagination field!