You are a big part of the future of America’s electricity system! You are one of 130 million households that together shelter over 300 million Americans. Almost every one of you expect reliable, inexpensive,
environmentally-safe power.

A new world of electricity is unfolding. You can help shape and bring it to life sooner, resulting in a safer, cleaner, greener America.

To make this world work well, you need to know more about how you fit in. Your friends, neighbors, and children need to know how they belong and can participate.

Check out the first story in the Just Right Series, “Only So Big.” Read it to your children and/or discuss it with your community. The activities are a way for everyone to learn more while having fun. Learn about vampires in the comic book “Cog and the Vampire Goggles!”available for free iPad download. Discover how easy it is to save money, reduce environmental damage, and build a sustainable world.


What is a Negawatt?