There was a knock on the door. Linda, feeling even more frustrated because she was still in her robe, saw that it was Cog, the elderly next door neighbor. “What’s up?” she said opening the

“Nothing in my house is working!” Cog said. “How about here?”

“No, all the Zervs are asleep here too. I’ll send Bobby over to the Zervberry Factory to find out what is going on.” Cog shuffled back home. Bobby, yawning but dressed and ready for breakfast, came in to the kitchen.

“Bobby, the Zervs are all asleep. Can you ride your bike over to the Zervberry Factory and find out what happened?”install attic insulation, buy energy star appliances. hire energy efficiency consultants. install renewable energy systems, locate a solar hot water system

“Sure Mom. I’ll go over right now.”


The overhead garage door wouldn’t budge. Bobby wrestled his bike through the side door and took off for the Zervberry Factory.  After parking his bike, Bobby went into the main office, where the receptionist was talking to the Berry Factory Manager. Bobby waited until they were finished, then asked if someone could tell him why there were no Zervberries. The manager said “A steam turbine cracked trying to keep up with the demand for Zervberries. We’re waiting for the replacement to arrive. Meanwhile, would you like a tour of the Factory? I would be happy to show you what we do here and explain why we can’t make Zervberries.” Bobby said “Sure.”

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Steve. I’m the Manager. ”