Mornings in Bauville, like so many towns across the land, finds its good citizens up and moving. Neighbors turn on lights, make breakfast, take showers, start their air conditioners, computers and tv’s, open their stores, restart their factories.

And like everywhere else, Bauville citizens own Zervs. Most have a basic group of Zervs, while others have Zervs for special tasks.  Even the poorest residents of Bauville have a few Zervs.

Zervs come in all sizes, they do all kinds of work, and they all eat just one food (Zervberries). Some eat much more than others. Zervs can eat all the time if they need to. They work while they eat. If they don't need to work, they don't need to eat. But, in order to work, a Zerv must have Zervberries! Energy Star appliances, time of use, demand side management

Zervs heat water, cook food, wash clothes, make light, wash the dishes, run telephones, TV’s, computers, clocks, alarm systems, blenders, furnaces, freezers, flashlights.
Baby Zervs eat just a few Zervberries—most eat them all the time, keeping the portable phone charged, the HDTV ready for instant on, the internet modem running 24/7, the clock accurate. Mama Zervs chill food, wash clothes, run the furnace fan. Papa Zervs heat water for showers, dry clothes, bake potatoes.

Just Right

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